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>>> List of Reasons Why I Like Tomo
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List of Reasons Why I Like Tomo

The List of Reasons why I like Tomo

1. I know I've said this before as a joke but my God his ass is sweet. Seriously, this is not a joke. I'm not usually one to like butts but his is very very very very very very nice.

2. His past is such a mystery. The poor thing was abandoned as a child and that's all we know. Though, just with that info I can't help but want to comfort him for what I do know and have him tell me what I don't.

3. He has an interesting ability. Illusion manipulation is something not seen much if not never seen in anime. And the using of a shell to do it is also very unseen.

4. He has other fighting skills. On top of shear quick thinking he also has agility and emotion manipulation. He has many other things to fall back on if one thing fails.

5. His make-up not only looks good and unique but each color has a meanig, a deep and interesting meanings.

6. I like his clothes. Don't quite know what it is I like abou them but I like them all the same.

7. I'd sell my soul to the devil himslef for a chance to run my finger through his hair. It's so long, soft, flowy, silky and a beautiful silver.

8. He's totally loyal (heck, it's what the black means) and hates people who aren't. He works as hard as he can for the side he is on and lets nothing stop him.

9. I like his voice. You may not but I really do.

10. He has confidence but isn't conceided. He knows he's good and doesn't need anyone to make him feel good about himself.

11. He's smart, it's shown in the way he speaks and carries himself. I love smart guys.

12. He has these beautiful golden eyes that shimmer. Not only can you get lost in them but they stare right through you...

13. His height is so perfect. My head rests on his chest and my ear is at his heart.

14. He's an opera singer. That = fame and money. Also is good for "breath control."

15. I bet he's into S&M and B&D. Yay! FUN!

16. He's such a tease. Gotta love those feathers.

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