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How To Marry Tomo

1. Get some rope and wrap it around his legs so he can't use then to kick, hop or run.

Tee hee hee!

2. Get handcuffs so he loses control of his hands and arms. (this may prove also as a tool for the wedding night  -_^ )

Oh baby!

3. Wear a Nakago mask over your face.

I hate this part...

4. Blindfold him in case the Nakago mask gets too hot.!

5. Chain him to the alter...extra insurance.

Also could be used for wedding night

6. Kill Nakago.

Sorry Nakago fans but he has to go.

7. Get in your dress.

Oh yeah, I can see it now...

8. Get him in a tux.

Sexy Tomo is tux ::drool::

9. Put on your veil. Almost there.

Atop my head as I force Tomo into marriage

10. Get the perfect shoes. (Hello, a must have, lol)

Hope these don't kill my feet.

11. Dress up your freinds.

What my friends will wear as I get married.

12. Make sure your mother looks good.

My mother will beat him if he doesn't marry me...

13. And have a very big cake.

Cake...Tomo...Cake...Tomo...can't choose!

14. An electronic dog'd shock collar may be needed if he trys to flee.


15. Get someone to perform the ceremony.

HURRY! Declare us husband and wife, now!

16. Get the ring.

Whoo hoo!

17. Get the Marriage Certificate! Now you are done and you have sucessfully married Tomo.

He is mine now. See, this says so!