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>>> Things not to say to Tomo aka Ways to Have Tomo Kill You


>>> Things not to say to Tomo aka Ways to Have Tomo Kill You
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Things Not To Say To Tomo AKA Ways To Have Tomo Kill You

1. Yeah, I killed Nakago, whatcha gonna do bout it?
2. So I think you and my friend Sarah would be so perfect for each other. She's so nice.
3. Nakago wanted to have me tell you this...ahem..."I hate you you painted freak, stay away from me."   LOL, just kiddin!
4. Hey thanks for comin to dinner, your seat is the one right between Soi and Suboshi.
5. Oh, Nakago is out with Soi, something about raising life force or something.
6. I am so sorry, I should be more careful with sissors. I didn't take you THAT long to grow your hair...did it?
7. What the hell kinda weapon is a fricken clamshell?
8. Who does your make-up...a circus designer?
9. You can't even pin down the Preistess of Suzaku man, dats sad.
10. So, when can I meet your parents?
11. Damn, that laugh sucks man.
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