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>>> We knew she liked Tomo too much when...
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We knew she liked Tomo too much when...

We knew she liked Tomo too much when...

(as written by my friend [Siobhan:] pertaining to things I do)

1. She created a language consisting of nothing but the word Tomo said in different tones.

A. We began to understand her.

B. And she try to teach it to us.

2. She wanted to dress up like him for Halloween.

3. She make us freeze fame on shots of his butt.

A. I then put whipped cream on the screen and she happily licked it off.

4. She says it so much that all of us know that the black represents loyalty, indigo trickery and the few touches of brilliant gold he added for flavor.

5. She knows and can graphically describe the many deathes of Tomo.

6. She already has her and Tomo's daughter named and know all her stats.

A. She made an application to date said daughter.

7. She wants a lil clam shell as a pet so she can name it Shin and keep a small Miaka doll in it.

A. She has every intention of talking to the doll.

B. She freaked when Mariam broke it and screamed "You broke Shin!" repeatedlly.

8. She cackles so that her and Tomo can be alike.

A. While cackling she looks like she's holding a clam shell in her hand.

B. She doesn't notice till someone points it out.

9. She has Alayna act like Tomo so she can be happy.

10. She forces us all to read Tomo fics.

A. And we do just so she'll shut the hell up.

B. And they're usually NC-17.

11. She makes Alayna belch his name.

12. We know his name, constallation, birthday, blood type, EVERYTHING!

A. We never asked for it.

13. She are easily distracted when any of us shouts "Look Tomo."

A. She looks.

14. She cuts Tomo out of many pictures cause She doesn't want other people ruining them.

15. She hates Nakago so I pretend to be him just to watch her flip out and try to kill me.

A. And it's funny.

16. She calls anyone a whore (okay, just Suboshi and Miaka) who ever goes near "HER" Tomo.

A. And we do it to.

17. She asked me to do her hair like his.

A. And I did.

18. She attempts to kill us when we make gay Tomo jokes.

A. She has hurt us.

B. Now we just insult and then run in fear.

19. She's made us watch every episode he is in so many times that we can talk along with the characters.

A. She bought them on tape when Alayna has the DVDs so you could watch them anytime.

B. She also watches them in Japanese on the DVD player.

20. When you turn off, turn on, click the start menu or go on-line on her computer it cackles.

A. No matter how much we shiver.

B. I am even getting used to it.

21. She has the newest obsession with Chinese Opera.

A. I've been trying to get her to like ANY KIND of opera for 4 YEARS!

22. She sings Tomo over and over again to the tune of popular songs.
A. And she left them on my answering machine.
B. As well as reasons why Tomo is hotter than Hotohori.

23. She signs her e-mails Kari Rou.

24. She has a very long list of reasons why she likes Tomo and some of them are practically essays.

25. Come on, I fuckin have enough reaons to write this damn list.

26. She yelps, "IT'S TOMO" whenever he comes on screen.
A. She literally swoons at the sight of him
B. And she has to always fall on ME!
C. Alayna is so used to it she knows to get out of the way.
D. And she also drools.

27. She rants a lot that Tomo is not in any of the americn manga considering they stop at #6 and Tomo appears in #9.

28. She speaks of how she would sell her soul to brush his hair.
A. I don't think she's kidding.