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September 29th, 10:32 AM
Well, I found two new Tomo pics and that is it. Well, no one sighns my Guestbook, I feel so unloved. T_T ::cry cry::
Oh and I added more fan fiction, that's right.When I get home I'll add more links.

September 28th, 1:13 AM
Hey peope, I'm back! I added the Tomo Trivia and How To Marry Tomo section as well as a new wallpaper and a new bit of humor for you all. Next will be more links and more fan fiction. Buh bye.
And ever-sleepy Kari 

September 4th, 2:53 PM
I got back form school a little while ago. I with there were more Fushigi Yuugi fans at my school. Anywho I have added 'The Tomo Webring' to my site. It is at the bottom of this page. Do believe that is it. Buh bye. 

August 27th, 9:33 AM
My last day of freedom. I start school tomorrow. Pray for me. Well, I added tons more pics (maybe 10 or so) and some mailing list links. I also made joining my site oganization easier cause, well, no one has joined. On top of that my guestbook is rather bare, lol. My fan fic is at chapter 8. And I think that's it..

August 22nd, 2:51 PM
Hey all. I added another wallpaper and made it so the Guest Book is on top, so sign it already. I have on entry. Well, that's all. C-ya.

August 16th, 6:04 PM
Ah, gotta make this quick. OKay, I now have a Tomo fan club. No members, but a fan club non the less. I also got rid of the bad wallapaper I did and replaced it with a better one.

August 16th, 3:27 AM
Hey, when I said I didn't sleep I meant it. well, what's new you ask. Well, I added enough Tomo pics to make a new gallery, a new Tomo sound and a wallpaper section. Hope you all like it and please sign my guestbook. I feel unloved. Ohand my fan fic is up to chapter 6.

August 15th, 6:32 AM
Oh yeah, goin ta Water Country with my friend's today, oh yeah oh yeah. Well, I joined the GTLB but if you actually go to the site you won't see my site cause I can't find the chicks e-mail address. Oh well, that and I found one more picture. Goin ta Water Country....da da da.

August 14th, 4:54 PM.
Yo guys. I have added the music section, uploaded something to the humor section, added tons more link and one more Tomo pic. Also, check out the Audio part for a funny poll where you vore whether me or my friend sounds more like Tomo cackling. That and my fan fic is at Ch. 5 now. Peace out...Kari.

August 10th, 6:38 PM
Okay well, I have added video now. They are videos for other people but the feature some Tomo in them at some point. Hey, it's the best I can do. And click the humor, just do it, trust me.

August 10th, 3:05 AM
No, I don't sleep? Why do you ask? Well, the fan fic is coming along great and I'm trying my best to keep Tomo as in character as possible. I've added more Tomo pics and hope to be able to get screen shots soon. I've also added the "We knew she liked Tomo too much when..." list my friend wrote for me. If you look at the bottom of the list of reasons why I like Tomo you can find the list of reasons why I hate Miaka. 

August 3rd, 8: 23 pm
Hey people. I have resently added the list of reasons why I like Tomo. On top of that I have added more pics...yes...more. Hope you all like em.

August 1st 12:35 AM
I have finally done it...the first part of my FY fic is up. On top of that I've added "The list of things you never say to Tomo" and more pictures. Enjoy people and peace out.

Okay, it's now July 18th and 3:08 pm. I have gotten about 1/3 of the way done with my fan fic, yes, with Tomo in it. It will be posted as soon as I'm done. I have added a second gallery and some links for other characters, if for some reason you wanna look at someone who isn't Tomo, you sick freak. Also, you can contact me now by clicking, well, contact me. C-ya.

Hello and welcome to my site. it's 11:35 PM on July 12th and I'm sitting here thinking I need a Tomo site. SO I went out and got one. Sounds logical enough. So far I only got info, sounds and pics but I'm working on it so bear with me, Expect more when I get to another computer and it isn't close to midnight. 

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